Alive Inside

Have you got your playlist ready, just I case? I have mine.

The documentary film “Alive Inside” convinced me to put my mp3 house in order. The film, which aired recently at the 2014 Virginia Film Festival, is about music and the impact it can have on older people suffering from various sort of dementia. The film shows that music can have an inspiring and invigorating effect on older people who might otherwise sink into a depressed and/or vegetative state. It also argues that we lean too heavily on medications in this country: in some cases, the film suggests, an iPod might be a much better treatment than a bottle of pills, and yet music-making devices are not accepted as medical tools by most insurance companies.

The filmmakers suggest taking music to older relatives and friends, and the film made me want to get my own playlist in order, just in case.

Click on the clip below to watch a remarkable episode from a rough cut of the film that went viral on YouTube some months ago.

Click here to watch the trailer.

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